Courses Corresponding to Core Capabilites

【Core Capabilites】
1.Language proficiency: To gain the interest of learning language and basic reading ability.
2.Appreciation ability: To appreciate the classic works of art and texts.
3.Diversified Perspective: To expand the horizons and understand the meaning of multiculture.
4.Self-cultivation: To cultivate the ability of independent learning with willingness.

Part Name Courses Name Core Capabilites
1 2 3 4
Humanities Accomplishment Contemporary Chinese Literature    
The Selections of HanFeiZi  
Selected Readings of LIAO-ZHAI-ZHI-YI    
Selected Readings of Shih Chi    
Selected Genres of Chinese    
Selected Chinese Poems    
Selected Readings of Tsu and Chyu    
The Introduction of Culture    
Discourse on Lun-yu Meng-tze    
Chinese Paleography    
Approach to Hung–Lou–Meng  
Taiwanese Novel    
A Cdlection of Chiness Short Essays    
Introduction of Selected Chinese ancient Famouse Writers    
The Arts of Chinese Poetry, calligraphy and Painting    
Appreciation of Arts    
Introduction to Arts  
Modern Japanese History  
A History of 19th and 20th Europe  
The History and Culture of Northern Taiwan  
Social and Economic History of Taiwan  
History of Liao.Jing.Yuan.  
A History of Western Middle Ages  
Stability and Gloom : Taiwan in Cold War Era(1949-1971)  
Chin-Han History  
History of Sui and Tang Dynasties    
History of Wei, Chin, Northern and Southern Dynasties  
A History of Russia  
A History of Taiwan Society and Culture    
History of Chinese Society    
Incidents and Roles in Taiwan History    
History of Sung Dynasty  
A History of Early Modern Europe  
History of Ming Dyansty  
A History of Modern Western Civilization  
The Development History of Chinese Civilization  
Indigenous Taiwanese Religious Beliefs    
Technology and Culture    
Religion Classic Reading-《Tien Fei Hsieng Seng Lu》  
Introductory to Yi Jing      
Appreciation of Western Classical Music    
The Outline of Philosophy    
History of Western Philosophy    
Introduction to Buddhism    
The Folk Religion of Taiwan    
The Theory of Knowledge    
The outline of life and death philosophy    
A History on the core Essence of Chinese Philosophy    
Taiwanese Beliefe Study - The Mazu Cult    
Philosophy of Religion and Human Life    
Digital Communication    
Media and Teenagers  
Theory of Public Service Broadcasting    
The New Media Culture and Life    
Mass Communication Theory  
Television Production-Technology and Development    
Elementary English      
Japanese Grammar    
Intermediary English    
Selected English Readings
Japanese (II)    
English Reading Skills  
Daily-Life Japanese Conversation      
Strategies and methods of learning English  
General Theories of Aesthetics  
Visual Communication  
Humanistic skills Literature of Love    
Pre-Chin Thoughts And Modern Life  
Introduction of Cultural Creative Industries    
Illustrations and Picture Books  
Introduction of visual design  
I–Ching and Life    
Profile of the Greats in Chinese History  
Introduction to History
Introduction to the Essential Documents On Taiwan History  
Change book and Feng Shui    
Laotz , Juangtz and Life    
Chinese regimen of body,mind and soul    
Buddhism and life    
Thoughts and stories of retribution for good and evil    
Logic and Daily Life  
Zen and Life    
Religious Art of Taiwan   
The Ceremony of Taiwan Folk Religion      
Change book and Feng Shui    
Music and Life  
Crises in Internet    
New Reporting and Writing &News Editing
Radio program planning and production    
Media literacy  
Film Culture and Industry    
Introduction to Radio Production    
Mass Media and Life  
An Introduction of Selected Contemporary Taiwanese Calligraphers & Pai  
Creative Color and Good Living  
The History of Taiwanese Architecture    
Analyses of Selected Works of Some Famous Artists  
The History of Taiwanese Theatre  




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