Purporses, Goals,& Objective

【Education Purporses】

line with the NOU’ s founding spirit, the Department of Humanities combines the curriculums in literature, history, religion and philosophy, communication, arts, and foreign languages (English and Japanese) to cultivate students with the knowledge of humanities and the capacities required for modern citizens.

【Education Goals & Objective】

  1. To gain the basic ability to investigate and practice the knowledge of humanities.
  2. To know the meaning, realms and basic knowledge of humanities.
  3. To carry out the spiritual development; to gain a broader view of life.
  4. To cultivate an open mind; to learn to consider other people and our environments.

【Core Capabilites】

  1. Language proficiency: to foster the interests of learning languages and the basic reading ability.
  2. Appreciation ability: to cultivate the ability of appreciating the classic works, arts, and texts.
  3. Diverse vision: to expand the vision and understand the meaning of multi-culturalism.
  4. Autonomous Learning: to cultivate the autonomic learning ability and the attitude of willing to learn.




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